Why ?

I have always been dreaming and daydreaming about living an adventure. Travelling your own way to really discover the places you cross and experience them, not just see them.

I also wanted to see Australia for a long time. I was especially curious about Uluru (or Ayer’s Rock) for some reason that I’m not too sure of.

When I saw on a world map that a road was going straight through the middle of the country, from Adelaide to Darwin, I knew I wanted to travel it.

There are lots of stories of people travelling by cicyle around the world, it’s more common than it seems! Cycling makes you almost as free as walking, but able to cover greater distances in a day.

Little by little the idea made its way in my mind and I thought it would be a great thing to do. Self-reliant, in contact with this beautiful nature that is the Red Centre of Australia, free to go anywhere, at (almost) any speed.

And so I decided, as crazy as it seems, that I would get a bicycle and cycle from Melbourne to Darwin, with a side trip to Uluru.

That’s 4700km of cycling, along the Great Ocean Road, the coast of South Australia, and the Stuart Highway which cuts through the country via Alice Springs. I started to gather information, ideas, and equipment, and now it’ time to get going!

I do this to make this trip my own, turn it into something that represents me. The point is not just to see Uluru or some other places in the desert. The point is to travel and experience every day, from the boring to the amazing. Because it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey.

5 thoughts on “Why ?

  1. When I saw your bike this morning at the Nunnery Hostel and heared of your trip I feld nearly jelaous. Not because of the bike, not because of riding at 35° … I have that everytime I see a packed bike, because I love cycling and keep on heaving the fantasy of doing such a ride myself. After reading this I know where the jealousy comes from: it is about the courage to realize your own dream!
    Go boy!!! Good luck!

  2. Yes I beau gosse!!!! C’est le kiffe tu vas t’amuser et prendre cher niveau soleil…Tu penseras à “mon vrai cuir d’arabe…”

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