Gateway to the Outback

And here we are.

Not much time so I’ll make things short.

This is Port Augusta, this is where Clem’s road and my part. This is where the Outbcak begins. This is where the Long Red Ride takes all it’s meaning.

My bike is crumbling under the weight of supplies and I’m ready to go. Next stop is Pimba roadhouse 172 km away. I’ll be there tomorrow.

I’d like to thank all for your support, messages and likes on facebook. It all means a lot to me.

Talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Gateway to the Outback

  1. good ride my friend, i’ll be thinking of you!!! and looking forward to the next chapter of your ride! this is the part i never saw in Australia! so i’ll travel through you! bisouxxx

  2. J’espère qu’il n’existe plus le lézard de ta photo!
    Ici il est 22h30 le samedi 30 mars et cette nuit on change d’heure et pendant ce temps tu pédales au soleil et nous on se gèle! La nuit prochaine je pars en Sicile: peut-être que je croiserai ton frère??
    Take care of you my little neveu

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