Great Ocean Road pt. 1

Well here I am after 5 days of crazy bicycle riding along the Great Ocean Road!

For the first part of this journey, know that a lot happens in a very short time and especially when you least expect it.

When I decided to after all stay in Torquay  to go to Geelong the next day to take care of things, such as shopping and bike repairs, I would never have guessed, after a long and tiresome day of running around the city, that I would litterally bump into a cycling partner!

When I stopped next to this guy at the traffic light, and saw his luggage loaded bike, and asked “going far?” I would never have guessed he would reply in french “oh you re that french guy that just was in the mountain gear shop aren t you?”. I have to say that until today it s hard for me to realize. Not only this but the fact that he is also riding to Adelaide! so we said “well let s go together!” and here we are now, two french cycle tourers, Andre and Clement, on the Great Ocean Road. Talk about a cliche!

Anyway I didn t expect that when I told the sales girl in the shop about my bicycle trip and website! Word goes around fast these days!

As we know unity gives strenght, and days of cycling make flat spots on the side of the road look very suitable for camping! The Long Red Ride is going on as it ever will and certainly doesn t look that it will stop any time soon!

Even climbing hills, dashing down valleys, and going up and down dirt roads with a 60kg-heavy bike on a rainy day didn t stop us! We don t know why we go, we don t know where we go, but we know one thing, we gotta keep on cycling!

We made it on top of Lavers Hill after an excrutiating climb where I found myself yelling my pain at the entire world, and even doind a couple Ks on foot! But we did it nonetheless, with our bottles empty, our clothes wet, our legs sore, and as a first welcome, an unfriendly roadhouse tendress telling us the tap water is non-drinkable and we had better buy some fresh one!! luckily, two wandering tourists pitied us and gave us some cold but heart-warming cans of lemon flavoured Schweppes! after that, as the storm came in, we found a perfect sheltered camping spot behind the public toilet, which we used as a shelter for cooking! Priceless memories

So the lesson on top of Lavers Hill is that however hard a struggle you have to go through, you never know what life has planned for you at the next turn. Just fight through the hard days, so you can enjoy the nicer ones even more!

Part II coming soon. . .

2 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road pt. 1

  1. c est marrant, velo, voilier c est pas loin d etre la meme moyenne a la journee….j espere que tu vas bien? et ce serait bien de voir un ptit point sur ta carte…:) bisouxxx et enjoy your ride dude

  2. On a failli rater le grand prix à cause de vos conneries ! Je t’en foutrais des tempêtes moi ! C’est pas gênant en vélo un peu de flotte, mais en F1 ça fout le bordel !!! C’est que ça coûte ces machins à organiser.

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