First stop

So that’s about 140 km already on the way. It’s 15h53 and I’m in Torquay. Gonna push it a bit further along the Great Ocean Road, that starts here. The ride there was okay, a lot slower than i thought (I’m still over 50km a day with a lot of breaks)

Impressions about what I had planned and how it actually feels?

– counting on a 15 km/h average was reasonable, rather than 20. especially with headwinds and a total weight of bike+biker+gear+food around 120kg! it s like i m carrying a slim version of myself. . . actually it’s not about your speed, it’s about the number of times you stop, to take a break, to check your way, to take pictures

– ride safe, look out for driveways! yesterday i bumped into a car coming out of th driveway. Bad luck for the first day. nothing bad though, no big speed no harm. But it scared the shit out of me.

– when you are not sure of something, just ask people you meet. Actually even if you’re sure, ask, it s always good to talk to people, you come up on information you wouldn t have thought of asking. Like where to do freedom camping!

– I camped on a beach yesterday. Just put my tent down and nothing happened. As simple as that. I think the fact that I was in Dromana, on a beach called Safety Beach, and where they have a jogging trail along their coastline (so the kind of suburb where people enjoy a clean healthy quiet life) helped lift the stress. My only companion that night was the wind insistantly trying to flick my tent away!

7 thoughts on “First stop

  1. Yo! Là je chope le premier commentaire!!!!
    T’as toujours une tête de manouche DDZ ! ! !
    Bien vu le pot de nutella avant de prendre le ferry!
    Béco tchô!

  2. Hé mais mec si t’es à Torquay t’es moyen dans la bonne direction chefton… darwin c’est au nord clampin 😉
    T’as fait 100 bornes en un jour c’est pas mal mec!

  3. Mec t’as oublié le permis vélo avant de partir…Comment t’as réussi à rentrer dans une voiture bref heureusement que c’est rien de grave et le vélo il a pas morflé? C’est quoi un peu les problèmes que t’as eu ?

    Et comment t’as pris la photo avec le vent de face?
    En fait c’est comme dans man versus wild tu nous fais croire que tu es tout seul mais t’as toute une équipe qui te suit qui prend les photos et qui porte toute ta bouffe et autre…

  4. but who s taking the picture of you on your bike ??? Ca a l air super ce trip! Bon courage! et gros bisouxxxx

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