Hit the road. . .

That’s It! I’m leaving! Crazy french guy on Red the bike (yeah. . . its name is Red. . . because it s blue. . . )

So there we go. Time to reset the counter and get started for the first day of cycling. Today will be very special. Not so much about covering kms, but rather about getting the feel for a trip that’s gonna last for something like 3 months!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and watching what I’ll be able to communicate to the world. More than an awesome site, this is for me a link to the rest of the world. A way to know in the back of my mind that some of you sometimes think of me on the road, and that in this way, I’m not alone.

Here are some snapshots of the beginning of this crazy adventure, which is gonna lead me to places that I probably would never have guessed existed.


11 thoughts on “Hit the road. . .

  1. Salut et bon courage! j ajoute ce blog a mes favoris tout de suite! gros bisouxxx et a bientot pour la suite!

  2. Merde c’est pas moi le premier commentaire ! ! ! !
    T’as une tĂŞte de manouche DDZ!!!
    BĂ©co l’artiste

  3. Salut Dédé !
    Impressionnant ton voyage ! J’ai hâte de te lire et de voir les photos =)
    Question technique : est-ce que c’est possible de s’abonner en flux RSS Ă  ton site ?
    A bientĂ´t !

  4. Shoot Dawg!!!

    Dat’s the real deal!!! This will be the first thing I’ll check in the morning, just to steal some of the incredible feelings u’ll be sharing on this blog.

    Take care, and u’re Fucking AWESOME Dude!!!!! Enjoy ur amazing race / trip / ride across Australia.

    “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road” Kerouac.

  5. + 10 000 pour le manouche…
    Encore plus chargĂ© que la 504 break… Mec c’est ouf ton truc t’as pesĂ© l’ensemble de ce que tu traines ?

    Des biSouS beau gosse

    PS : Keivi si t’Ă©tais premier dans quelque chose ça se saurait!

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